Friday Flashback: To “Buy Happiness” Go for Experiences.

Experiments find long-term happiness and satisfaction come not from what we have but what we do. It seems experiences mean more to us than things do.

I think this is especially true for couples; money spent doing things with her will satisfy her more than buying her stuff.  Based on that, I suggest a majority of the money you spend “on her” should go towards dinners, movies, going dancing, museums, day trips, vacations, and so on.

Watching the sunset together © Galina Barskaya |

If money is tight, look for ways to “buy” experiences on the cheap. Make a picnic meal and take a drive to the beach, the mountains, a national park, or some such. Find a way to go to movies when the prices are lower. Look for deals on off days and at non-peak times.

If you are not struggling financially there are great deals from vacation locations hurting for income. Maybe it is time for the vacation you have always dreamed about.

[This post originally appeared Feb 25th, 2009]

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Image Credit: © Galina Barskaya |

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