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I have written about the need for Sabbath rest half a dozen times over the last few years, starting with Sabbath Rest in mid-2011. Last August I posted Sabbath: For Real this Time in which I said I’d done well at this for several weeks. Since then it’s been a bit hit and miss. I did better than in the past, but I was still falling short. For me there were two problems:

  1. Sunday is a day of service for us. Nothing wrong with that, but it’s not the same as rest. Trying to squeeze a full day of rest into less than six hours doesn’t work.
  2. I was not ceasing from my work. I was just cutting it back, which is better than nothing, but not what God says we need.

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I think (hope, pray) we have finally hit on something that works. We have made Wednesday our Sabbath. I am working ahead so I can really take off work, including on-line marriage ministry on Wednesdays. If I find a few minutes to check pending comments fine, if not no big deal. Beyond that, I do NO WORK on Wednesday.

What do we do on Wednesday? I meet a friend for coffee and fellowship. Lori and I go spend times with friends. Lori and I go to the local cafe together to just relax and talk. At home we pray, read, play, and relax. In the evening, we attend a group we really enjoy.

We are committed to keeping this Sabbath. Is it making a difference? Yes, the results are phenomenal! By the end of the day on Wednesdays, I am so relaxed and happy – good for me, good for my marriage! On Thursday, I find it easy to focus and I can get so much work done with ease. I am looking forward to my day of rest, which motivates me to get my work done before Wednesday so the entire day is a day of rest.

I have long struggled with “keeping the Sabbath”. The better I get at it, the more I see the importance. I urge you to pray about making a real Sabbath rest a part of your life.

In the past, I have had comments telling me the Sabbath is Saturday. My reply is “Therefore let no one pass judgment on you in questions of food and drink, or with regard to a festival or a new moon or a Sabbath.” [Colossians 2:16 ESV]

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