The Opportunity Cost of Time

Dave Ramsey talks about the opportunity cost of money – if you spend money on A, you can’t spend it on B. We all know this, but we may not process it when we spend. Learning to think through this before spending is a good way to make wiser use of money.

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What about the opportunity cost of your time? If you spend your time on A, you can’t spend the same time on B. If you spend time playing a video game, you can’t spend that time with your wife. The time you spend in the garden can’t be spent walking with your wife. Time spent at the third church meeting of the week is time you can’t spend making love. 

The thing about time is we can’t get more. Rich or poor, young or old, we all get the same amount of time each day. Wasted time is gone forever. Time well spent is also gone, but we can reap the returns of our investment for up to a lifetime.

How we use our time says a great deal about our priorities. How you spend your time also communicates to your wife how important she is to you.

Do you need to rethink how you budget your time?

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Image Credit: © coward_lion |

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6 Comments on “The Opportunity Cost of Time

  1. A great way of looking at this. Recent date from Pew Research shows the average American watches 34 hours of TV per week. If that swung to building relationships with spouse, family, friends what an opportunity.

  2. UBAwesome  The amount of time we spend on TV is shocking. Lori and I have never done as much as most, and we recently made a choice to cut our watching in half. We looked at our time use and decided we wanted to put that time into other things.

  3. TheGenerousHusband Well done Paul. We stopped watching TV back in 98.

  4. TheGenerousHusband Well done Paul. We stopped watching TV back in 98.

  5. UBAwesome TheGenerousHusband  Wow guys, I agree fully.  We made a decision not to allow TV into our house other than a couple of movies a year and we cannot imagine HOW people who watch TV get anything done/spend any time together.  Even without TV it is still a bit of a battle to make time for each other, but at least its one less thing in the mix… Blessings

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