Why Missionary’s Wives Don’t Orgasm

Supposedly, the “missionary position” got its name from natives amused at the strange way Christian missionaries had sex. In reality, no use of the term can be found before Alfred Kinsey told this story without any supporting evidence.

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Be the story real or not, there was a time in history when many Christians were convinced it was sinful to have sex in any other position. In part, this was because the man was the head and as such should be on top. Additionally, when the church decided women shouldn’t want or enjoy sex, it become obviously wrong for a couple to use any position which suggested the woman was taking an active part. While this thinking is mostly outdated, I still run into people who believe this.

If you want to keep women from enjoying sex, limiting it to man on top is a good start. The motion of this position is an excellent way for a man to climax as it gives him good friction between the head of his penis and the woman’s vagina. Unfortunately, this friction does nothing for a woman, unless it’s fast enough or prolonged enough to make her sore. A woman’s climax requires at least indirect stimulation of the clitoris, and male on top does a rather poor job of this. 

If you actually want her to climax during intercourse, the best bet is for her to be on top (cowgirl position), and for her to control the movement and timing. When we asked women about having an orgasm during intercourse, a third said they found being on top the best way to climax. Only 12% said their husband on top was the best. Digging deep the trend is even stronger. Of women who say they use cowgirl most of the time, 70% found it the best way to orgasm. For those who use man on top most of the time, 15% said it was the best way for them to orgasm, while 30% said cowgirl was the best.

Yes, some women can manage to climax with their husband on top, but most can’t. Not all women climax when they’re on top, but it’s the best bet by far. So, do all you can to get her in the saddle! 

I know some women are unwilling to try this position. This can be because they feel it’s wrong, or because they feel self-conscious. Body image is a common issue, as they feel more exposed in this position. Sex with the lights low or off will help with this, as will having her leave on a t-shirt. 

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7 Comments on “Why Missionary’s Wives Don’t Orgasm

  1. I have found as a woman, the man on top is the best for me. If I am on top it is VERY painful!

  2. I have found as a woman, the man on top is the best for me. If I am on top it is VERY painful!

  3. Woman-on-top makes it a lot easier to use a vibrator. Vibrators aren’t required for orgasm and they don’t need to be used every time, but they sure make things quicker and easier when you need to. Because of the speed and ease, you can have great sex in time slots that wouldn’t be otherwise available.

  4. mhall1979  The angle of your legs / hips makes a HUGE difference in comfort.

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