Friday Flashback: Clitoris & Orgasm – Happy Accident, or Intended for Pleasure?

There are those who try explaining everything about living creatures in terms of how it increases or decreases an organism’s ability to pass on its genes. The idea is that in the long term only what improves the ability/chance to survive and procreate is kept, and everything we are is a result of this process.

It’s interesting how those who believe this argue about the clitoris and female orgasm. While there is some limited evidence having an orgasm may slightly improve the chance of conception, the reality is history is full women who had more children than orgasms. Some explain the clitoris, and thus female orgasm, as a happy accident resulting from the fact male and female genitals come from the same embryonic tissue. Based on this, she can have an orgasm for the same reason you have nipples. The “accident” part of this is because some of our parts don’t show up on both men and women – the uterus and vagina, for example, are lacking in men.

The clitoris © Clitoris anatomy unlabeled By Amphis | [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

As I already said, I see abundant evidence there is an intelligence and purposeful creator behind our bodies. Based on that, our body parts, and what they do, are never an accident; rather they are an indication of what God intended. So, what do the clitoris and female orgasm suggest God intended?

First a few facts/observations about female sexual ability:

  • Female orgasms can last much longer than the male version – 2 to 4 times as long.
  • Men can have a very limited number of climaxes in a short time, whereas women are theoretically able to have a great many.
  • Prior to menopause, women have a cyclical sex drive – growing from the start of menstruation to a peak about two weeks later, then a large drop, followed by another building to a second peak just before menstruation.
  • Women can have and enjoy sex when they’re pregnant, during menstruation, and after menopause – all times when they can’t procreate.
  • While a woman who ignores sex will have a drop in drive, a woman who becomes more sexual, and/or thinks more about sex, experiences an increase in drive.
  • For women sex is a part of the whole relationship – they find it hard to want or enjoy sex when the relationship has problems, and they can want a great deal of sex when the relationship is good.

From this, I conclude God intended:

  • Women to enjoy sex a lot – and physically to enjoy it more than men.
  • God designed women’s sexuality to push a couple to work on their relationship, to make it good, so the sex will be good.
  • God intended women to want and enjoy sex from puberty to very old age.
  • God wanted our sex lives to have variety – times of can’t get enough and times of deep satisfaction.

I realise many of you are dealing with a wife who has been harmed sexually – by abuse and/or negative and wrong ideas from society and/or the church. The damage such a woman has suffered makes it impossible for her to want or feel what God intended. I understand this – I married such a woman. I can’t tell you it will change for sure, and I can tell you change won’t be as fast as you would like. However, I can tell you from experience even a deeply injured woman can learn to want and enjoy sex a great deal.

About the image: The image is a drawing showing the entire clitoris. The green part is what you can see. The purple part is the rest. There is far more there than we thought until recently!

[This post first appeared July 19, 2009]

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Image Credit: © Clitoris anatomy unlabeled By Amphis | [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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7 Comments on “Friday Flashback: Clitoris & Orgasm – Happy Accident, or Intended for Pleasure?

  1. Whenever I read an article discussing the baloney about the evolutionary drive to “pass on our genes” or any other “evolutionary psychology” topic, if there are comments, I will ask, “And you found this information where? In the fossil record?” Of course there’s no supporting evidence and that’s what proponents of this stuff like – it cannot be disproven by comparing their opinions with observational facts. 
    see abundant evidence there is an intelligence and purposeful creator
    behind our bodies”. Thank you. How anyone can look at the processes in the physical world, the interdependence (if one thing doesn’t work then nothing works) and complexity and say it all happened by random processes is beyond me. When I was in high school, they taught us about simple, single-celled organisms. They had to be simple for random processes to make them. It turns out that these “simple” cells have as many as 9,000 parts – any one of which is missing and the cell dies. Yet the “scientists” still hold to random processes no matter how mathematically impossible it is that it could happen.
    If these scientists were honest, they would admit the evidence points to a Designer/Creator and just say they don’t want to submit to Him.

    One question: Is there any way to stimulate the purple part?

  2. BudekSchmeisser Shortly before I got married a wise older man (young than I am today!) said “If you treat her right, you won’t be able to keep up with her sexually.” I find he knew of what he spoke. I choose to see it as a challenge! ;-)

  3. bbh999 As to the purpler part, yes. The “legs” run around the vagina, and sit behind the labia majora. Intercourse presses presses on, pulls on, and otherwise moves these legs. This in turn moved the glans to some degree. You can also press in over the labia during manual or oral sex. 
    The legs of the clitoris are made up of the same tissue as the top two cylinders of the penis. They fill with blood, but because they lack a sheath around them the swelling is more puffy than hard. This is why her genitals swell up so much when she is aroused. This gives her a cushion for intercourse, and helps lengthen the vaginal canal. 
    The legs don’t have nearly the nerve endings found in the glans, but because of how her genitals are packaged stimulation of the legs does more for her than stimulation of the shaft of the penis does for us. This is why some women are able to climax without any direct stimulation of the clitoris.

  4. TheGenerousHusband bbh999 Thanks for the reply, Paul. That’s really interesting (Speaking to myself: “Of course it’s interesting, you numbskull – you’re a guy!).

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