Ten Questions For Oldlyweds

A while back someone read an article entitled “10 questions for newlyweds” and emailed me to do a post with ten questions for oldlyweds.

Challenge accepted:

Ten Questions For Oldlyweds

  1. What were the best things from the early days of our marriage?
  2. What do you wish we had done differently in the early days?
  3. What dreams do you have for the next five years? (Both as a couple and individually)
  4. What do you fear most about the next five years?
  5. What do I do that really makes you feel loved and valued?
  6. What could I do that would make you feel even more loved and valued?
  7. What do I do that makes you feel less than loved and valued?
  8. Tell me one habit I have that annoys you that you’ve never mentioned. (Or gave up mentioning years ago.)
  9. Tell me about the best sex we’ve had.
  10. What would you like to add to, remove from, or modify about our sex life?

BONUS: What couple could we mentor about marriage? What would that look like, and how do we make it happen? 

Now I challenge all the CMBA members to do a ten questions post.

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Act in love, speak in love, touch in love, listen in love, hope in love. @FierceMarriage

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