A Marriage Question

Last week when I read A Question from Ransomed Heart, I immediately thought about asking a similar question of my readers. 

A Marriage Question

What are you changing in your marriage right now? I mean now, today, this week. If something doesn’t come to mind immediately, how can you say you’re serious about improving your marriage? And if your answer is about your wife, not you, what does that tell you?

BTW, I follow over 100 blogs on Feedly, but Ransom Heart is one of the few I follow by email on a daily basis; it’s just that good and that relevant to me personally. For another great post from them, check out You Want To Know Her Story. Then scroll to the bottom and subscribe to the daily emails.

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3 Comments on “A Marriage Question

  1. What I am changing each day, is myself. Even if my wife does not respond always positively to my changes, I’m still better off, and so is she with a better me.

  2. I tal less, and listen more, and hopefully ever-more-attentively.

    I’ve learned that I have very little tht’s worth saying; my life revolves around trying to get through the daily necessities, and non-one is particularly interested in hearing stratagems for daily (literal) survival. And any other thought is directed toward subjects like “Stoicism and Christianity – Comfortable Doppelgangers?” Not the thing you really tos into a conversation with someone who’s still very much a part of the world!

    Listening’s better, anyway. Never learned anything with my mouth open.

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