God’s Centerfold Girls

That title alone is enough to get you to read and see what crazy thing I’m on about today, right?

God's Centerfold Girls

The centerfolds we all know show off the sexy bits of what are seen as really great looking women. If our primary interest in a woman is sex, then these centerfolds are showing us the best of the best.

What if God put together a magazine featuring what He saw as the best of the best of women? I know God is all about sex (in marriage) but I don’t think His centerfolds would show us women’s sexuality. I think God would show us women of great integrity, conviction, love, mercy, and generosity.

“Dude, check out the generosity on that lady!”

If your wife would make the cut for God’s centerfolds, you are truly blessed, and I suggest you let your wife know you are aware of that fact.

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5 Comments on “God’s Centerfold Girls

  1. My wife would definitely make the “Bustiest Godly Women” collectors edition. But she would have to be photographed wearing only loose fitting dark clothes with turtle necks. A picture of her sitting by the back window doing a Beth Moore study would be good.

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