She’s Not Getting What She Deserves

I recently told my wife she’s not getting what she deserves from me. I’m trying to be a good loving, husband, but I’m far from perfect and I still have that selfish thing going.

She's Not Getting What She Deserves

This was not some deep self-loathing thing, nor was I fishing for a compliment. I just wanted her to know I felt she deserved better than I’m doing. I don’t want her to think I’m okay with the places where I should do better, and I want her to know I’m aware of (at least some of) the places I fall short.

There’s been an interesting side benefit to my “confession”. I’m more aware of my actions and of potentially selfish things I’m considering. That has resulted in my choosing to not do a few selfish things.

Apply to your marriage as you see fit!

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2 Comments on “She’s Not Getting What She Deserves

  1. Hmmm….
    “Deserve” is a word that should come with “Handle With Care” warning labels. After all, it’s a short hop from “Deserve” to “Entitled”, and there is also the problem on tense usage.

    After all, “She deserves better” isn’t the same as “I deserve better.” And then there’s the nuclear option, “I don’t deserve what I AM getting…”

    A good article, but I fear that improper handling of “deserve” may require the use of HAZMAT gear. :)

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