Me And God – Without Her

This is the time of year I leave my wife for a few days so I can focus on God. This will be my fourth fall retreat with Boot Camp Northwest.

Me And God - Without Her

I love my life, and my friends, and my life in general. But life has a way of distracting me, and I tend to lose track of what’s really important. I tend to drift from God at times, even as I actively seek and serve Him. For me a couple of days in the middle of nowhere (cell service drops off about an hour before you reach Washington Family Ranch) isn’t a fun vacation, it’s a spiritual necessity. 

Beyond that, my time away is good for my marriage. I always come back energised, which allows me to be more loving and giving. And, more often than not, God lovingly corrects someplace where I’m not being the husband I should be.

When did you last get away with God? Do you need to do it again? Does your marriage need you to do it?

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7 Comments on “Me And God – Without Her

  1. Hi genourous husband,

    Have a great fall retreat! Next weekend for 3 nights I’m going for a mens retreat in the wilderness.
    Hope you have a good time and we both grow into men God wants us to be.

    Best wishes!


  2. Hi Paul,
    A lot of men do not know what it is like to go to the mountains and spend some focused days devoted to God in the mountains. A time of worship to him, a time of uninterrupted peace with him, a time of renewed awe of his magnificent majesty. I too try and do this once a year, to recharge and regenerate, by leaving the wound tightness of the city and the gauntlets of Satan’s sinful temptations, to immerse in HIM with like minded men.
    My bride clearly sees a difference in me after these weekends.
    So I pray you come home hoarse from worship and recharged in spirit, walking even closer with God!

    Oh, and don’t forget your ear plugs ;)

    God bless you!

  3. Hope you have a great liberty, Paul! (I don’t use the r-word, ever.)

    There’s a method I used that helped create the needed space, and it arose from by being very much a morning person, and Barb emphatically not. I’d get up to meditate, and she’d sleep to her normal time.

    And in the evening I’d doss down early, and she’d have quiet time for Scripture study.

  4. Men get to go on unplugged retreats in the beauty of God’s creation. Women go to city conferences with relationship and noise and crying together, and it just makes me want to gag. I envy what men get to do. I have my own retreat planned out, but I have yet to get the money and permission from hubby to go.

  5. Cool! I pray that the retreat gives you every blessing you need from it and more.

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