Why We’re Donation Supported

In a little less than a month we’ll kick off our year-end donation drive. Before that happens, I want to say a few words about why we take donations.

Why We're Donation Supported

Actually, the picture I made for this post makes the point. I’ve seen blogs with so many ads, affiliate programs, and sponsored content (articles written by someone else in exchange for a fee) that it’s difficult to find the actual blog content.

Yes, we do some affiliate links, but we try to keep it down. Much of the time when I do an affiliate link it is an afterthought as I edit the post. If I can make a few pennies sharing a resource I think will help you, great. But I’m not going to make my blog anything like the image above. I’ve turned down plenty of sponsored content and banner ads, I say no to the majority of folks who want us to do affiliate links.

That said, we spend forty plus hours a week doing this, and we do like to eat. So because we won’t pile on the ads, we ask for donations

By the way, I hope none of my blogging friends think this is aimed at them, because it’s not. I don’t link to blogs that look like a circus. If there’s less good content than ads, I’m not interested in it, and I’m not going to share it.

Finally, I urge readers of blogs to be aware of the cost and time it takes to do this well. If you like what someone says, consider using whatever affiliate links they have whenever you can. Aside from the financial help, each click is a vote of confidence.

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