You Have Not Because You Ask Not

When someone tells me their spouse isn’t giving them something they want, I usually say, “Have you asked for it clearly?”

You Have Not Because You Ask Not

The answers are often something like, “He should know” or “I told her when we got married” or other things that aren’t a clear, recent request. 

Let me share a truth with you:

If you haven’t asked, you haven’t been refused.

And if you asked in the past, but didn’t ask today, then you weren’t refused today. I realise this may seem like wordplay, but it’s not. Rejecting a clear request is much more difficult than not offering something when no request has been made. Please also note hinting is not a request. Neither is making sad puppy eyes!

Along these lines, I’ve done a horrible job of asking for donations most of this year. Because of that, donations are down. I have not because I’ve asked not. Earlier this month I did ask, and several of you gave (thanks!). This is me asking again. Lori and I put in 40 plus hour weeks doing what we do, and we depend on support from those who feel what we do is worthwhile. You can make a one-time or recurring donation here. The page includes information for mailing a check or setting up bill pay.

By the way, several of you had problems with Paypal doing recurring donations earlier this year. We recreated the code and I’ve had confirmation it works again.

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