Time For A Motivation Check!

A recent Ransomed Heart Daily Reading really grabbed my attention. John Eldredge started the post with this:

I can be a very driven man; I set very high standards; I push myself hard. There are certain “rewards” that come along with this way of living: I get a lot done; I can be successful. But that drivenness that the world so often rewards is really quite godless. The motive is horrible. It is born from two sources: it comes out of an early childhood wound of abandonment, and it came out of a very early resolution that said, Fine. I’ll go it alone. It’s a combination of woundedness and sin. It looks fine on the outside, but inside, this cup needs a good bit of scrubbing. ~ From Hidden Motivation

Time For A Motivation Check!

Motivation is important because why we do things matters; it matters a great deal! Doing the right thing for the wrong reason may seem better than doing the wrong thing, but in truth often isn’t. As John suggested above we may be acting out of past injury and lies we’ve told ourselves. Those things are harmful to us and can be destructive to our relationships. If those things seem to work, and especially if they bring us praise, we can feel justified and even proud of actions rooted in brokenness and dishonesty. 

A wise man learns to examine why he does things. This includes things that seem good and seem to work. Neither success nor praise means what we do it good and right. God is far more concerned with our hearts, and thus our motivation, than our deeds. When our motivation is right, our deeds will be good. When our motivation is wrong our deeds don’t matter.

So, what are your motivations?

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2 Comments on “Time For A Motivation Check!

  1. I appreciate the point of this post–too often I know I don’t look at my motivations as closely as my actions.

    I do think you overstate your case at the end “When our motivation is right, our deeds will be good. When our motivation is wrong our deeds don’t matter.”–I know there have been times where I’ve had good motives and done the wrong thing, and I’ve seen this in the lives of others as well. And it’s really, really hard to admit you’ve done wrong when you’re trying so hard to do what’s right.

    It’s important to have the humility to admit we’re in the wrong, whether in our actions or our intent, because of the fact that the two are so closely linked, issues in one will eventually lead to issues in the other.

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