Busyness Is NOT The Reason For The Season!

This holiday season don’t be too busy for your marriage. #MarriageTip 

This holiday season don’t be too busy for your marriage BED! #SexTip

Busyness Is NOT The Reason For The Season!

I ran those two tweets recently, and I want to expand on the idea here. I’ve always been a people watcher, and what I see during the holidays both amuses and terrifies me. It seems a growing number of people think the reason for the holiday season it to rush, rush, rush till you drop. Do as much as more than you can, and feel guilty about the things you didn’t do. I realise lack of sleep is the gift that keeps on giving (or taking, actually) but it’s a gift we should all reject.

Most of us are far too busy the rest of the year, and adding ANYTHING to that is making a bad situation worse. One of the things that suffers when we’re too busy is our marriage. A good marriage requires time together. And not just time, we need calm, unhurried, unstressed, non-exhausted time.

Beyond your marriage in general, this is a major issue for your sex life. You can probably desire and enjoy sex even after a way-too-long day, but your wife can’t. If you nag her enough she might give you mercy sex to shut you up, but with most of her energy going to not falling asleep before you finish it’s not going to be good sex. If you don’t want your wife to turn into a sexual Grinch from now until 2018 you need to find a way to have a sane pace of life during the holidays.

This holiday season do less and enjoy what you do more!

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2 Comments on “Busyness Is NOT The Reason For The Season!

  1. I used to hate Christmas, my wife would not have sex at her parents house, nor at ours if her parents were there. Didn’t matter if we were there for a week at a time, and I was ridiculous for being annoyed by that. Thank goodness we worked that out, and it was kind of cool to hear her tell a friend’s wife who had the same issue that was in advisable and her marriage would be better off if she got over her neuroticism about it

  2. My main concern for the this time of year is getting my students through exams. Stress really starts to ramp up this time of year for them. Also trying to get my dissertation done and defense scheduled. Oh. Also might lose half our income as well as out health insurance in January. Fun times. I start teaching wintermenster on Dec 26th. The actual end of semester is Dec 22nd this year I think.

    I really don’t have time or energy to find contrived reasons to increase my stress.

    I guess that makes me a regular Grinch. Don’t have time for Christmas.
    I have no issues having sex with visitors in the house. (which we luckily won’t have).

    As an early Christmas present, we finally figured out how to get me to finish about 3 weeks ago. Fully intend to practice this skill. ;) My marriage and sex life is one of the only non-crappy parts of my life right now.

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