One Less Thing

The holiday season tends to make all of us busier than usual, and in most marriages, the wife gets hit worse than the husband.

One Less Thing

Show your love the next eight weeks by taking a few things off your wife’s plate. It could be some of the things added this time of year or certain things she usually does. If she says anything, tell her you hate seeing her so overworked and wanted to help out.

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2 Comments on “One Less Thing

  1. And please, please don’t keep shoving it in our faces that you helped out. I was sick, recently…sick enough to be bedridden. Hubby stepped up to the plate and managed the household and took care of me, which I expressed my gratitude for. But, he kept making quips and comments, and looking for the gratitude I was already pouring on him. It was getting annoying at the least, but at times I felt guilty for even being sick. Many times I don’t give myself the self care I need, or I don’t delegate out a busy schedule on my end because I simply don’t want to deal with the guilt trip he takes me on. It’s like I’m a puppy and the task is my poop on the floor that hubby has to pick up, but he has to rub my face in it, first.

    If anyone has any clue why he does this, because when I ask him, he says he is happy to help….must be another thing from his childhood.

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