Debt Is NOT The Reason For The $eason!

I planned to write on this subject as a follow up to Sunday’s Busyness Is NOT The Reason For The Season!

Then I got an e-mail from one of you that said what I wanted to say very well, so I’m going to let him speak for me today.

Debt Is NOT The Reason For The $eason!

I’m looking forward more to Christmas this year. We have been studying Dave Ramsey’s material, and are committed to getting out of debt. My wife came to me a few weeks ago and suggested we have a drawing this year for exchanging family gifts. The immediate family drew names, so each individual only has to buy for one person. My wife and I only have to buy for two people combined. This will save us about $1,000 this Christmas – and most of that was usually put on charge cards! And did I mention IT WAS HER IDEA?!

Also, turns out, EVERYONE is relieved with this idea. Everyone saves money, it reduces stress for everyone, everyone will enjoy the time we spend opening presents more as well. Also, when you only have one golden ticket to spend on someone, it really makes you more thoughtful about the gift you buy them. It also adds some mystery, which is fun.

Just wish we had done this years ago.


Debt: A gift that keeps on giving that no one needs!

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3 Comments on “Debt Is NOT The Reason For The $eason!

  1. As an added bonus, this will reduce business as well. Less time gift shopping and wrapping. Hoe do you get the in-laws on board with this?

    • @alchemist – It can be hard to get some folks to do this, and some will refuse.

      A few years ago we let it be known that with the exception of grandkids, we are giving only small gifts. With that said, folks can give to us or not, and give as the like, and we won’t feel obligated.

      • We give small gifts in my family anyway. Or we give one communal gift that we all chip in on if it’s going to be more than $50.

        His family seems to do the holiday extravaganza thing with numerous and expensive gifts. I never understood how ppl went into debt over Christmas until I saw what they did. O.O
        MIL loves gifts. I can try and bring it up..

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