A New Look and Some Personal Growth

Sunday evening Lori and I uploaded the new look for this blog. What you see is almost entirely the work of my lovely and talented wife. I suggested the image, and she asked me some questions, but I was fairly hands off on how it looked.  Given I have preferences for pretty much everything, that’s a major step of growth for me.

My wife has a far better eye for how a blog looks. I know this, but I’ve always done it myself just the same. I like the result, but I suspect the average reader is less impressed than I am with my efforts. So this time I let the expert who stands next to me do it. It’s nothing like what I would have done, but I like it and I’m very proud of my wife.

A New Look and Some Personal Growth

The new banner image is of Lori and I sitting by the lake at the Falls Lake State Recreation Area outside Durham, NC. We spent four wonderful days parked there the spring of 2016. It was a planned downtime – no speaking or visiting, and limited online work. It was a time to reconnect, recharge, and get some needed us time. We have fond memories of those few days, and I love seeing that image every time I go to the blog.

BTW, this theme has a much better mobile version, something a few of you have been asking for.

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5 Comments on “A New Look and Some Personal Growth

  1. on Chrome on a Mac, the menu can be revealed but then it disappears. Just wanted you to know if you are still tweaking the new look and system.

  2. Love it!!!
    Also want to say that as a recently engaged 46yr old, but lifelong intimacy avoider, this blog & Lori’s have been invaluable in helping me better understand my man, myself, and the journey we’re on. Unspeakable thanks for the equipping!

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