30 Seconds in Her Shoes

Take a half a minute to think about your wife’s reality. What is her life like? What are the good and bad things she deals with? What stress does she have right now? What is she hoping for, what does she fear? Who makes her life difficult, and who makes it better? Where do you fall on that scale?

30 Seconds in Her Shoes

Once you have a feel for her reality, ask yourself how you can make her life easier, better, or more enjoyable. Or get really radical and ask her that question.

Got it? Good. Now repeat this exercise regularly. 

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2 Comments on “30 Seconds in Her Shoes

  1. Great advice. The happiest marriages, and often the most sexually satisfying, are those in which each partner actively thinks about and works to make their partner’s life better. It is hard as the ever-persistent drone of life grinds away and demands your attention turn elsewhere, but those who actively keep their relationship first can find the greatest rewards this earth has to offer two people.

  2. Very thoughtful post, helps us not take our wives for granted. Just like Jesus literally put Himself in our shoes as the Incarnate Word, a high priest Who was intimately associated with our pain and joys.

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