First You Have to See the Boxes

I often talk here about boxes. About thinking outside the box, not living in the box, or not letting others put you in a box. That all sounds good, but before you can think outside of a box, or live outside of a box, you have to see that you’re in a box.

First You Have to See the Boxes

You’d think we would know were in a box, but all too often we don’t. If a box is of our own choosing, we may deny it’s a box. If it’s something others put us in, we may have been there so long it feels natural and right – even if we don’t like it.

Many of our boxes come from our family of origin. Others are cultural. We don’t easily see such boxes because they’ve always been there. Beyond the culture of our country and region, most of us also have to deal with boxes from our Christian culture. 

One problem with getting free of a box is the pushback we know we will get if we try to step out of family or cultural boxes. Moving out of those boxes is seen as challenging tradition and what everyone “knows” to be right and true.

I think looking for boxes should be an ongoing effort in our lives. Ask yourself why you do what you do, and why you think what you think. Are you blindly following something you’ve never really thought about? Are you just going with the flow because it’s easy? Are you doing what others expect you to do because you don’t want to disappoint or anger those people?

If you don’t see a box, you can’t escape it!

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4 Comments on “First You Have to See the Boxes

  1. One of my children found a T-shirt which said “How can I think outside the box if they won’t let me out”. It was a favorite shirt for years.

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