Boxes: A Nice Place to Visit

I rail on boxes a lot, but some boxes are good places to be, at least for a time. If you’re rockin’ a box, that’s fine. If it works for you, go for it.

Boxes As A Nice Place to Visit

The problem I have with boxes is once we’re in one some folks want us to stay there. It’s human nature to want to understand others, and an easy way to do that is to put them in a box. And then expect them to stay in that box for the rest of their life!

What about your wife? Are you trying to keep her in a box she no longer belongs in? Are you resisting change that has already happened or that needs to happen? If a certain box is a good place for her right now, that’s great. When it stops being a good place for her you should be all about her getting out of it. Embracing change isn’t always easy, but it’s a loving thing to do.

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3 Comments on “Boxes: A Nice Place to Visit

  1. Boxes are comforting because they allow you to lie to yourself about how big the world really is. “Everyone I know thinks this….” well the few hundred people you know within your social circle are not necessarily indicative of the remainder of the world. We self segregate to isolate ourselves from things that make us uncomfortable, or things that are unfamiliar. This isn’t entirely bad. I self segregate from people who do things that I wish to limit my exposure to. Our box eventually begins to define us, so we have to make a conscious decision about how we want to be defined, and if our box aligns with that. I have relatives that have allowed Christianity to be their box, they cloister themselves from the rest of the world, and they allow their little fundamentalist church to define what “normal” and “good” is, casting self righteous judgement on the rest of the world. I feel we are very clearly called upon not to do that, the church is not supposed a secluded cave to hide in, it is supposed to be the event you want to bring your friends to.

    • @mykidsmademedoit – You are 100% right. I have long made an effort to expose myself to those who think differently than I do. But before I did that I had a strong sense of who I was and what I believe. As I am exposed to new ideas I wrestle with them. Some I reject, some I accept at least in part.
      My goal is to be more like Jesus, and I have become convinced that hiding with people who think just as I do won’t get me there.

  2. I don’t dig boxes. The only one I’ll get into – having no choice – is the one they stick me in, and cover with dirt, when I die.

    But I do hear tell of a Dude who fought His way out of that one.

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