A Few Ways To Ruin Your Life

A while back I somehow stumbled on a post entitled How To Ruin Your Life (Without Even Noticing That You Are) by Bianca Sparacino. I liked the premise of the article, which I see as “Your choices can ruin your life.” Your choices. Not what others do to you, not what happens to you, but your choices. The good side of that is we can choose something different. Even when we really mess up, we can choose to be different from this day forward. It might be really difficult, and it might take a long time for anyone to agree we have changed, but we can do it.

A Few Ways To Ruin Your Life

I’m going to riff on a couple of the things Bianca mentioned in her post.

You ruin your life by letting your past govern it.

Your past doesn’t have to determine your future. Letting it do that is the easy path, but it’s not the only choice. No matter what others did to you, you can get free of that. And no matter what you have done, you can get free of it. Granted some things are easier than others, and some things do leave a mark on us for the rest of our lives, but we are only victims of our past if we choose to be. 

You ruin your life when you compare yourself to others.

God made you to be you and to do what He called you to do. In John 20 Peter looks at John and asks Jesus “Lord, what about him?” Jesus’ answer is basically “If I want something different for him, what is that to you? The only person I need to compare myself to is the one God wants me to be. Thinking about how I measure up to others is just wasting time and energy I could be using to move closer to how God sees me. If I get jealous because Fred has more money, Jack has a bigger house, or Ben’s wife chases him for sex, I am just making myself unhappy. 

Have you made choices that are ruining your life? The good news is you can make new choices!

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One Comment on “A Few Ways To Ruin Your Life

  1. I’m guessing my wife’s affair is causing myself to be compared with that small wrinkle in time l. It going to be a year since her Mom pest away with Alzheimer’s. I was her main caregiver for the last 5 years before she past feb 28 2017. My wife bacome angry and resentful towards me. She felt guilty of not being able to care for her and spending time with her. She was a full time schoolnures. We had a friend who was an excoworker of here who in short took advantage of our weakness and broke my wife down emotionally. When she was at her worst he pressured her to go beyond emotionally envoled and it became sexual. All while I running around taking care of the kids and her mom.
    Ultimately they had one encounter and she felt it was a mistake and thought they could just be friends. Repented to God but didn’t tell me until the 28 of the next month. I was in shock laughed and called her a cougar. He was 12 years younger then her, muscluler. I was over weight and he always told me I was and they both would get on me to get a job. I had a parting just to get out of the house. So I told her I would never leave her the so called friend who ended up being a predator is out our life. God is moving despite my up and downs, I was betrayed twice, all the while we were grieving her moms death. It may get harder but God will get the glory.

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