Wait For It…

This idea will drive some women crazy in a good way, and others in a bad way. If you’re not sure which your wife is, try a very small dose and get feedback.

Wait For It...

One way to intensify orgasm is to prolong the trip. Slowing down will do this. Another way is to stop for a moment shortly before she is going to climax. Then start again. And repeat. Some women will enjoy being stopped on the verge of orgasm, others want to be a bit less close when they are stopped.

Even if a woman is into this kind of teasing, there is a limit. Start small, teasing her just a bit and then letting her climax. Gradually take it further and further until she lets you know you have gone far enough. Also, learn when she will enjoy this and when she won’t. If she’s tired or stressed she will probably want the short, direct route. Where she is in her cycle will likely also be a factor.

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2 Comments on “Wait For It…

  1. Where she is in her cycle is a HUGE factor. I was just talking about this with my husband. If you want to know what works for your wife, let her be in top and then copy her.

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