You Have Less Than 48 Hours!

If you aren’t aware, Valentine’s Day is Wednesday. Apparently, Valentine’s is a big deal to some women, and for most of the rest, it at least matters. This means doing nothing is a really bad plan.

You Have Less Than 48 Hours!

A few last-minute ideas:

  • Coupons allow you to give anything you like. Just download, fill in, and print.
  • Suggest celebrating with an extra special date night on Friday or Saturday, with you doing all the planning.
  • Get Melt’s massage course videos – the gift that can keep giving for years to come. Pay, download, and you’re ready. Melt even has some suggestions on how to give this gift in creative ways. And best of all, they have a sale going for Valentine’s.
  • Buy a box of kids Valentine’s cards. Write various loving things on them and hide them all over the place. 
  • Spread the holiday out!
  • Finally, if you are the lower drive spouse, please be sure to seduce her on Wednesday. 

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One Comment on “You Have Less Than 48 Hours!

  1. Barb already got her gift, a handy little survival tool kit for her car, with things like a window breaker, flashlight, whistle, and bottle opener (for when the most pressing emergency is that bottle of Bud!).

    She was delighted, and her gift to me was a DVD of “The Desolation Of Smaug”, the one LOTR film we didn’t have.

    And a good time was had by all.

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