How Marriage is Like Your Immune System

Our immune systems do an amazing job of protecting us from all manner of diseases and infections. However, for it to work well we have to take care of ourselves. Getting good nutrition and proper sleep makes our immune systems better. Stress, pollution, and illness all weaken our immune systems making us more prone to problems.

How Marriage is Like Your Immune System

It occurred to me recently that our marriages are very similar. A strong marriage protects us from various relational temptations. When our marriage is weak, we’re more susceptible to the woman who compliments us or the one who comes on to us. If we’ve not been providing our marriage with what it needs to be strong and healthy, we’re asking for problems. 

No doubt many of you are thinking “this is why my wife and I should have sex more often”. That is probably valid for the majority of men here. However, sex is only one part of it. You need a marriage that is strong and healthy in many ways; sex alone won’t do it.

You are exposed to things that could make you sick daily. Without a strong immune system, you’re in trouble. You are also exposed to things that could hurt your marriage daily. Without a strong marriage, you’re in trouble.

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3 Comments on “How Marriage is Like Your Immune System

  1. Sex is the easy analogy, but my marriage also keeps me out of other bad decisions: I am way less risky with my investing than I would be if I were single (which also means I could get a lower return as well I guess), I am more diligent about spending time with my family, before I was married my mother would be annoyed she wouldn’t hear from me for months at a time, I am more deliberate with my time, I see it as a finite resource, whereas if I were single I would spend a lot more of it pursuing things that add no intrinsic value….think drinking in bars with my buddies. Because I have to justify a lot of my decisions to someone else, I have to logically evaluate if it is a good decision or not often before I make it…….this doesn’t mean that we always agree on whether it was a good decision, but it was almost never made capriciously.

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