Friday Flashback: Unmerited Generosity

This week someone asked me to unpack the idea of generosity. As I’ve not discussed that here recently, I thought it would be good to do so. I’m going to start by talking about what I consider to be a necessary foundation for anyone who wants to live a life of true generosity.

God has been generous to us. He loves us no matter what we do, and no matter how we treat Him or the people around us. Then there was the whole dying for us on a cross thing – that seems very generous to me.

Friday Flashback: Unmerited Generosity

I will leave you to ponder that, and the definition below (from



1. liberal in giving or sharing; unselfish: a generous patron of the arts; a generous gift.
2. free from meanness or smallness of mind or character; magnanimous.

[This post first appeared May 16, 2010.]

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