Nape Noshing

Most women really like having their neck kisses or nibbled, and the nape of the neck (see picture) is the best spot. To be clear, when I say “really like” I mean “get turned on by”. 

Nape Noshing

I don’t know why this works, but it does for the majority of women. I’m told doing it from behind is especially good.

This is a great foreplay move and you can take it out of the bedroom too. All you need is a few seconds of relative privacy to make her weak in the knees. Do it a few times before bed and see how it affects her.

You’re welcome!

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11 Comments on “Nape Noshing

  1. Even that image you posted made me weak in the knees. Practically mommy porn right there. I love when hubby kisses me like that.

    • I just showed the picture to my wife and asked her for the first thought that comes to mind:
      -why is the women wearing so much lipstick
      -it looks cold and uncomfortable what he’s doing
      -I like his shirt
      No weak knees here!

  2. Yeah so I read this this morning and was going to comment on how I love this too, and how my husband does this when he wants me to feel like he’s into me.

    But tonight he did something that confirmed what I’ve always known, that he is not interested in me at all. So I don’t know why he does this.

    But yeah, if you do love your wife, and want her to feel good, this is a good suggestion. As long as you are honestly trying to make her feel good.

    • @B – I replied to your longer comment in one of the other posts. I’m not sure that you’re interpreting your husband’s actions accurately. Men and women have very different ways of expressing themselves and I’m still surprised by how differently my wife and I can interpret each other’s words or actions. The silent treatment your husband gave you after you caught him ogling another woman may not be him rubbing his lack of love for you in, it could be shame and being afraid to make things worse by saying the wrong things. I’ve struggled with that with my wife because sometimes my words don’t come out the way I intend (or she doesn’t hear what I intend her to hear), and she takes them wrong, which causes more backpeddling for me. I get flustered and my words come out even more wrong. If that happens enough times, it’s easy for a guy to fall into the “I just won’t say anything because she’ll twist my words” trap. Of course, when my wife and I finally iron things out, she wasn’t really twisting my words, she was just understanding them in a way I never considered, but to her made perfect sense.

      • @closertotheheart, thank you. I don’t want to clog up this post, so I replied to you over on the I’m not beautiful post.

    • @B “But tonight he did something that confirmed what I’ve always known…”

      B, your husband can never convince you that you are wrong because you are convinced you are right. He has no chance, none what-so-ever as long as you hold on to the lies your sister told you.

      I pray that you will someday break free of the abuse your sister and the rest of your family has been heaping in you since the day you were born. That would be a great day for you and for your marriage.

      • Hi Paul, thank you for your kindness. My husband can’t convince me of his love by words because his actions show me he does not love me. It’s okay. Well, it’s not okay but it is what it is. We are committed to one another as spouses, so I will deal with never knowing what it’s like to be loved or desired.

        What I don’t get is, I’m not that different than the average woman. But for whatever reason my husband doesn’t see me as worthy of his sexual desire, or his love. He expends that on the better women he looks at so longingly.

        My sister may have been mean, but at least she prepared me for these harsh realities.

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