The Enemy of Our Marriages

I received an e-mail from one of you the other day that said something I believe but don’t discuss here nearly often enough. He said we think of marriage as three, the two spouses and God. But there is a forth, Satan (aka the accuser of the brethren).  

The Enemy of Our Marriages

I’m not a “demon behind every bush” kind of guy, but I don’t think Jesus was making up stories when He talked about the devil being “the evil one” in Matthew 13:38. 

His power is limited, but I think he can and does dangle things in front of us and tries to influence us to see the worse in people. Given marriage is used as an example of our relationship with Jesus, I would think Satan has a special hatred for marriage.

The next time you have a negative thought about your wife, ask yourself where it came from. Is it a reasonable thought given who you know your wife to be? Has she done things that make it a reasonable thought? Or is the thought without merit or support? 

Even if you don’t believe in Satan is a real being, asking yourself if your thoughts come from something other than right thinking is a good idea.

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4 Comments on “The Enemy of Our Marriages

  1. Sorry can’t agree with this one. The Scriptures make it very clear the heart is desperately wicked. We don’t need a supernatural demon, person or being. Our natural desires are sinful and rebellious and make us by nature the enemy of God. When our Lord was upon the cross he crucified the same thing we all possess – human nature in all its ugliness. Our Lord’s distinction was that he never sinned.

    • Er, are you denying the existence of Satan while saying you believe Scripture? I think the Scriptures also make it very clear that the Adversary exists and that he works hard to tempt and accuse God’s people to lead them astray. Yes the heart is wicked, but it’s much worse with the evil influences in this world. The “prince of the power of the air” has a wavelength of deception that many people are tuned into.

  2. ThkQ for this post! I have a saying that too often rings rings true: “I’m so deep in my head I can’t think straight!” I call that “voice in my head ‘Sir James’”

    I also refer to it as “My abusive twin brother” who lives in my head. It’s no use arguing with him, because he knows the truth. But – he leads me into a dark place when I listen to him.

    I posted about it here:

  3. Great post, Paul. How true!
    As a Christian I believe it is very important to have a balanced view about what sin is and where it comes from. I see it coming at us in three different ways: the world, the flesh and the devil.
    The world, in the way we are influenced by ideas and standards.
    The flesh, in the way of how our sinful nature rears its ugly head
    The devil, in how he directly tempts us and lies to us
    So no, not everything comes from the devil, some of it (allot actually) is just our sinful nature and some of it is the worldly influence we are constantly exposed to. And every once in a while Satan himself or his demons is hard at work to destroy us or anything good we believe or hold to. But let’s not forget, he’s not God. He has great power but is not ALL powerful. He roams the earth but is not omnipresent. And he can influence our thoughts but he can not read our thoughts.
    And best of all, while he is still very active, he’s been defeated and his time is limited and he knows it!

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