The Five Minute Rule

When your wife asks you to do something for her, how often do you stop and do it right then?

The Five Minute Rule

Try this in the future: If what she wants can be done in five minutes or less, do it right then. If you’re in the middle of something, determine to do it as soon as you can.

If you do this regularly she will notice and it will have a positive effect on how she feels about you.

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3 Comments on “The Five Minute Rule

  1. This is gold.
    And don’t do it begrudgingly, I might add.
    I have started to do this and I see my husband does as well. It is such a wonderful way to shoe you love one another. It’s kind of fun to try and do the thing before they know you are doing it.

  2. I have gotten a lot better at immediate responses. I discovered it helped me become better at anticipating what she needed and doing it without being asked. Procrastination is a form of passive resistance. Getting in the habit of doing it quickly helped make me more involved in the decision making process. Another positive result was that I would often think about whether it was appropriate for me to do what she asked or whether one of the children should be tasked with it. I became a better delegator as well.

    In the past several years, my wife has changed how she asks for things, too. Now, instead of asking me to take the garbage out, she says, “can you get our son to take the trash out, please?”

    • We have started delegating to the kids and this is working wonders. I don’t know why, but i hate doing dishes. I used to ask my husband to do then but it was a constant battle. Finally, our oldest son is tall enough to put away the dishes and its been a relief all around. Our second kid makes sure all the laundry is picked up. Its a beautiful thing.

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