Fighting With Yourself For Your Marriage

Last Sunday I suggested asking yourself if negative thoughts about your wife come from someplace other than your own mind. Then on Friday, I did a “rerun” of a post talking about the internal battle between the good husband and the bad husband.

Having a good marriage means fighting for it, and the primary battleground is in our minds!

Fighting With Yourself For Your Marriage

We have so many bad ideas about marriage to deal with. We get them from our culture and from our family of origin. We also get wrong ideas about marriage from well-meaning folks who preach things that are not actually in the Bible. Then we have our own self-interest and selfishness, which we use to excuse what we do wrong while exaggerating what our wife does wrong.

So many thoughts, and so many of them harmful to our marriage. If you don’t defeat those thoughts they will cause problems. Just ignoring them is not enough, you have to wrestle with them and beat them.

Please fight for your marriage, even when it means fighting yourself!

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