I STILL Promise

We live in a world awash in adultery and divorce. 

I STILL Promise

Regularly tell your wife you love her, you only want her, and you’re not going anywhere.

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2 Comments on “I STILL Promise

  1. The “I’m not going anywhere “is a big deal to me but I’ve never heard it said. Once I cashed in a small CD to pay some bills. When I told dh he was livid and told me we would “stick it out until our youngest graduated hs (6years out) then we’d go our separate ways.” That was 15 years ago but I still can’t forget it. It’s always there, that me and our marriage were not worth 3k. I didn’t have an affair, I used 3k to pay bills, OUR bills. If he wasn’t so passive he would have been aware of our financial state at the time, caused by OUR decision to let one of our kids go out of state to college. He’s always said if I had an affair it would be over, no questions asked, no mercy, nothing. Seems like it’s not really a commitment if you’re already making plans to leave ahead of time. It’s not a boundary, it’s a threat, and I live every day wondering if today is the day I’ll screw up enough to push him over the line. It’s difficult to be open and discuss/ask for what I need or want when I live in constant fear of abandonment and worry that I’m “too much/ too needy/high maintenance.” Sorry, I guess this one touched a nerve.

  2. My wife tells friends that she is so glad she has a husband who is faithful to her so she doesn’t have to worry about him straying. But this same wife has threatened me numerous times with divorce. From financial difficulties to conflicts over parenting, she has a knack for using the divorce threat as the ultimate nuclear button to end any arguments. It’s a power thing. She wants to assert her dominance over me and she can’t do that unless she makes me feel disposable. So why would I want to say “I still promise” before she says “I am sorry for threatening to break my promise”?

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