Keeping Her In the Loop

Our son and his family live on the same ten acres we’re on. We tend to share vehicles and do a few things together, but for the most part, our daily lives are separate. And yet, our son connects with us almost every day to let us know about his activities and schedule. He’s not asking permission or getting clearance, he’s just letting us know because our lives connect enough that it sometimes matters. It’s basic courtesy. 

Keeping Her In the Loop

I would say you need to be doing the same thing with your wife, but more so. Telling her what you’re up to and where you’ll be isn’t asking permission or getting clearance; it’s practical and courteous. If what you have planned is not set in stone it would be nice to say something like “Is it a problem if I _____?” Again this is not asking permission, it’s recognising what you do can affect your wife. Telling her what you’re going to do and expecting her to fit her life around that would be rude.

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3 Comments on “Keeping Her In the Loop

  1. This is a strong way to show your wife you value her. And you are right, it is not “getting permission,” it’s just checking in. I often say one of the best aphrodisiacs is friendship. Friends check in with each other, not for permission, but because you care. Another aspect of our marriage bed reclamation involved exactly this. We both started checking in more. When Dave started doing this, I felt invited into his life where before we had been two planets in separate orbits. Living life together like this builds security and trust. Trust builds the sexual relationship.

    • @ Bonny @oysterbed7 – The problem is there are those guys who say “Have to ask permission?” any time another man communicates what he going to do to his wife.

      • No, you have to not be an inconsiderate ass-hat.

        Logistics is a thing. Running a household takes coordination. Which requires communication. Or do they just do these men just do their own thing at work, refuse to tell anyone on their team what they are doing, refuse to read memos and boycott all metings as well?

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