Chasing Happiness

We have a new puppy on the property who is given to chasing her tail. I thought of this the other day when I read something about chasing happiness.

Chasing Happiness

The author started by saying happiness should be our number one priority. Reading on I thought he was making a great tongue in cheek case for why chasing happiness is doomed to fail, but it slowly became evident he was dead serious. Happiness is this man’s highest value and goal, and he will get rid of anyone or anything that gets in the way of his pursuit of happiness. What I found really scary is this guy is a life coach of some sort.

I like to be happy, and I want my wife to be happy. But happiness as a primary goal is like chasing your tail. Real happiness comes from living a life that is right with God. Sometimes that means doing things that aren’t fun. Sometimes it means lovingly putting up with your wife when she’s not being as kind or generous as she should be. Sometimes it means saying or doing things you don’t want to say or do. Sometimes it means delaying gratification now so life is better in the long run.

In a society that increasingly worships happiness, doing what God says can be difficult. But it’s right, and in the long run, it results in a better and happier life.

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2 Comments on “Chasing Happiness

  1. A bit late to the conversation, and I LOVE the picture!

    Chasing happiness is like chasing your own shadow, but you can pursue purpose…or you might find it, as I do, pursuing YOU.

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