Nature Calling…

When Lori and I were travelling by RV we stayed in a number of state parks. We quickly realised how much more we enjoyed being among the trees or close to a lake than being in a more developed RV park. (The new banner image for the blog comes from one of our favourite such places, between Raleigh and Durham North Carolina.) This made us aware of our need for “blue and green”.

Nature Calling...

I have since read several articles talking about the positive effects of getting out into nature. It’s good for your mental and physical health, and when you do it with your wife it’s good for your marriage too.

Nature is calling, don’t put it on hold!

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One Comment on “Nature Calling…

  1. Nature is cathartic, it doesn’t matter if I’m hunting, running, or walking my dog. I took my kids and dog out for a hike the other day, just as a means of keeping them off electronics, but they had a blast after their initial whining when we started learning about different plants and animals. They also love to see the dog interact with nature because she isn’t as timid about things as they are.

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