Ask Yourself The Critical Question

Two Sunday’s ago I pointed to The Question No One Asks…But Should by Kevin A. Thompson. That post has really stuck with me.

The question Kevin said we should ask ourselves is “Is there anything in my life which might blind me from making a good decision?

This is HUGE!

Ask Yourself The Critical Question

For myself, I would phrase it a bit differently: “What in my life is keeping me from making a good decision?” I assume there is almost always something messing with my ability to see clearly and make the best decision. Blindspots are common and we don’t tend to see them because they are, well, blind spots.

Checking your blind spots before you make a decision is like checking your blind spot on the highway before you change lanes. If you fail to do it often enough you’re going to end up in an ugly situation!

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2 Comments on “Ask Yourself The Critical Question

  1. My biggest blind spot is my daily life-and-death battle; I’ve completely lost sight of the mundane that is so important in lives lived to a different paradigm.

    It’s made me arrogant.

    • @Andrew Budek-Schmeisser – Arrogant? I can see how that would happen, but I have not seen any indication of it in what you write.
      Relax and have a cigar on me, my friend.

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