A night in The Romantic Vineyard

On Labor day (Monday Sept 5th) Lori and I had the pleasure of meeting Tom and Debi Walter of The Romantic Vineyard .

I have long been a fan of their blog because they do it well, and they do an important slice of marriage that I don’t cover a great deal. I’ve found it great to feature what they do well, and to continue doing what I do well.

Tom and Debi were very much who I expected – who I had come to know and love from their blog. Tom is more behind the scenes (but very much involved) but he is clearly seen in what Debi says about him and their marriage.

We had a wonderful time talking with a like minded couple, and it was a special blessing to hear from a couple married longer than we have been married. We were also blessed by their warm hospitality, and Debi’s attention to detail and her knowing her guests before they arrived.

Tom and Debi Wright © Debi Wright
Tom and Debi - romantic and full of hospitality
Wriight and Byerly © Paul H Byerly
Yes, that's wine. No, we did not get drunk!