Seeking a bit of help

Up front yes, there is a product here. I’m not, as of this writing, in a place to sell the product, and that is not my concern here (but I could hook you up if you just had to have it). What I want here is less than an hour of your time, and your honest opinion. How does this come across to you? If you were in a place to benefit from it, might you do so? Does it feel safe? Does my working with this change the impact of what I do to minister to marriages?

I’ve been asked to help market a medical bill cost sharing package. It’s sort of on steroids if you will. For those who pay for their own health insurance, this product could save them 50% to 70% and give them very similar (in some ways much better) protection from big medical expenses. Additionally this alternative might be affordable for some who have no insurance due to cost.

What I am specifically asking for is that you join me and one other gentleman for a half hour webinar followed by some Q and A. I’d also really like some honest feedback by email after this.

I’m looking for half a dozen men/couples, and am looking at doing the webinar evening time eastern/central time zone.

If I decide to do this for income (I am going to promote it either way, I think it’s a great product) it could free us up to do far more marriage ministry. I think it’s a good fit with what we do, and not a problem if I don’t push it too much. I’d really appreciate some feedback.

If you are interested, contact me at .