Sex on a Pillow

It’s amazing how much better, or easier, you can make intercourse with a few small tweaks. Using pillows for support or to change position slightly can make a big difference. You can us the pillows you sleep on, as well as smaller decorative pillows (see, they do have a purpose). Or, use a rolled up bath towel for a firmer support.

Note that several of these can increase the odds of her having an orgasm during intercourse even if she normally finds that difficult.

  • In the missionary position, a pillow under her rear or the small of her back will change how your bodies come together, and can result in much greater pleasure for her by changing things so you are better stimulating her clitoris. This makes for deeper penetration – if you are long be careful, if you are short, this may be a real winner.
  • Also in missionary, a pillow under each of her legs/knees can help her be more comfortable or prevent camps or soreness.
  • When she is on top, a pillow under you will change the points of contact, which can make it better for her, and/or reduce stimulation so that you last longer.
  • If pregnancy or being overweight makes missionary difficult, place a pillow or two on either side of her head, and place your hands on the pillows.
  • If you hands give out when you are on top, a couple of pillows either side of her head will allow you to rest your weight on your elbows, which are on the pillows.
  • Rear entry can be made easier for her by putting pillows under her to allow her to take some weight off her hands.
  • Have her lie on her front with a pillow under her hips, her legs stretched out and spread.  This raises her enough for you to enter, while lying over her.
  • In side positions (facing or spooned), a pillow under the smaller of you can even out height problems that put your respective parts too far apart. A pillow between her knees can also be of use in side positions.

Another thing that can make sex a lot better is to be “grounded” so you don’t slip and move from where you start.

  • Ever been enjoying sex in the missionary position and started to slide down/away from her? Solve this by getting your feet against something solid. The bed’s footboard works, if it has one, or turn around so you can place your feet against the headboard or the wall. Aside from saving your arms and legs, and meaning you don’t have to stop to get back where you were, this can help you to keep your pubic bone where it can stimulate her clitoris.
  • Grounding yourself when she is on top also has advantages. Having your feet against something firm will allow you to raise up. Lifting your hips will give her more stimulation, and can be a great way to help her over the top when she is close. You can also thrust better from below if your feet are grounded, which will help you finish.
  • In other positions, not having to worry about sliding over the bed is usually a good thing – think of ways to ground whichever of you is most likely to move.

Tomorrow: Breast, please.