The Health Co-Op

There is an alternative to health insurance – Christian alternative!

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Instead of sending your money to a company that answers to shareholders, you could be part of a growing group of Christians who are sharing one another’s medical burdens.

Because you are grouping yourself with those who share your beliefs, you are not helping to pay for the results of drunkenness, promiscuity, smoking, or use of illegal drugs.

This is NOT insurance, it is medical cost sharing. You pay your own bills, and cover all the small stuff yourself – up to the first $300. If you find yourself with a larger medical bill, others in the program help you pay. You do the same for others, sending money to those with a need rather than sending your money to a company. This is sharing of burdens, and it’s been going on for 20 years. While the health co-op is new, the constituent parts of the program are not; there are decades of experience behind this program. This is proven, it works.

The Health co-op program has many other features such as discount programs for a prescription drugs, dental care, optical care, and a mail order prescription program with great savings on maintenance medications. The consult a doctor program gives you 24/7 phone access to a physician. This is great for the middle of the night, or when you are not sure if something is minor or needs to be seen by a doctor ASAP. In some cases, the doctor may be able to write a prescription, saving you time and the cost of seeing a doctor. One of the best parts is a personal health advocate who will deal with medical providers to clarify and negotiate bills, saving you money. Your advocate can also help you find the best price before you get treatment, when care is not needed immediately.

Saving the best for last, the cost is far less than what self-insured individuals are paying for insurance:

$220 per month for an individual
$379 per month for a couple
$443 per month for a two parent family
$294 per month for a single parent family
Possible discounts those 25 and under

Sound too good to be true? Check out the details, or contact me if you would like to discuss this and hear why this is my choice for protecting myself from big medical bills. By the way, this is also available for groups (church staff for example). I am aware of churches that have saved a million dollars a year with this!

In the interest of full disclosure, yes, I stand to make a bit of money if you ultimately decide this is right for your family. As with everything I share, I would not suggest it if I were not very sure. This is the real deal, it’s Christians caring for one another, and it works. Lori and I went 25 years without any way of paying medical bills other than depleting our savings and then making monthly payments. We did that three times, and I can’t tell you how great it is to know we won’t ever have to do it again!

And yes, this program is Affordable Care Act approved. If the ACA goes into effect, this program will satisfy the requirements of the law – no tax penalty.

For groups – church staff, Christian school staff, and so on call (866) 451-2717 for that (and please mention referral number: SP-2PB).