Yahoo mail problem

If you use Yahoo for e-mail, odds are you can’t get or have stopped getting the Generous Husband tips.  After delivering the tips for several months, Yahoo began to fail to do so on April 7th or 8th.  Some Yahoo users are still getting tips, but most are not.  I’ve gone round and round with Yahoo in the past, and I can’t get to anyone who either knows or cares why this happens.  For what it’s worth, it’s a long term and wide spread issue – some watch groups say 50% of non-spam mail sent to Yahoo users is dropped by Yahoo.  Feel free to complain to Yahoo, but the reality is they won’t do anything.


  • Get e-mail tips via feedburner .  So far the feedburner e-mail feed of tips are being delivered by Yahoo.  Be aware you will need to reply to the confirmation e-mail – which Yahoo will probably send to your trash folder.
  • Get tips by RSS – also available in XML format
  • Get an e-mail account with a company that is able and willing to handle all the e-mail sent to them.